Pressure on Iraqi justice system

According to Arab News, Turkey has increased diplomatic efforts to release citizens held in Iraq after 16 Turkish women linked to Daesh were sentenced to death.

Iraq is holding a series of trials of foreign fighters linked to Daesh, including women who joined the group after it launched a devastating takeover of the north of the country in 2014. About 300 Turkish women affiliated with Daesh are held in Iraqi prisons, AFP reported.

Ankara says that the detentions have no legal basis. Officials have requested the return of children and adults who have not committed any crimes, the Turkish newspaper Daily Sabah reported on Tuesday. Ankara is in contact with Iraqi authorities for their safe release, the officials said, adding that four children have returned to Turkey.

Reports say that the women, of various nationalities, currently on trial in Iraq are wives or widows of Daesh members or implicated in attacks by the group by providing its members with logistics assistance.

In court in Baghdad on Sunday, the women were sentenced to death by hanging. Four of the women were accompanied by young children. A judicial official told AFP they had all confessed to the charges and admitted entering Iraq illegally to join their Daesh militant husbands, stores near me.

A source at the Iraqi Supreme Judiciary Council told Arab News that the women have the right to appeal before the federal court.

“These women have confessed that they committed terrorist crimes on Iraqi soil and were tried according to Iraqi laws,” the source said. “No Iraqi or non-Iraqi authority has the right to interfere in the work of the judiciary.”

Jamal Assadi, a senior government legal adviser, told Arab News that every state has full freedom to try any foreigner who commits an offense on its territory. “Iraq is no exception to this principle,” he said.

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