ISIL Widows and their offspring

On February 22, Iraq handed over dozens of Russian children and women to Moscow, those who were suspected to have links to ISIL. According to The National, Baghdad’s foreign ministry revealed that the 27 children and four women were investigated by the authorities, who declared that the said people did not join the terrorist operations […]

No men will marry Islamic State widows

Houla, a 25-year-old woman has no children. Basically, she can return to her village, where the children of Islamic State militants are not welcome, regardless of their young age. However, as a militant’s widow, she revealed that her presence at home could put her whole family in danger. “If I go home they will be […]

Iraqi Widows in displaced camps

The beginning of a military campaign to retake Iraq’s second-largest city Mosul has seen the Iraqi army pushing westward towards the Tigris River. The northern city has been controlled by Islamic State, also known as ISIS, since June 2014. The battle between the two sides resulted in a fresh wave of displacement with 2,000 civilians. […]

Three Major Challenges Currently Facing Iraqi Widows

The wars in Iraq have resulted in many married men getting killed, leading to a surge in the number of Iraqi widows. The said Iraqi widows are facing many challenges. We venture to look at the three major ones. The first major challenge currently facing Iraqi widows is that of coming up with means of […]